Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Joan C. Williams, preview of "White Working Class" and critique of personal attitudes toward non-PoC who do badly in this economy

Here’s a quick book preview of a 2017 paperback by University of California law professor Joan C. Williams, “White Working Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness in America” from Harvard Business Review Press.

Dr. Williams appeared on Fareed Zakaria on CNN Saturday morning Dec. 21 to discuss how the American public and especially the former Democratic party elite is clueless as to the problems faced by white rural working class Americans, which are more similar to the problems of urban PoC than they realize.  This triggers the explanation of “why Trump won” according to PragerU.

The book has a preface by entrepreneur Mark Cuban (Shark Tank) which explains his own humble upbringing in a family that lay carpets for a living.  When he moved away to Dallas and started earning money as a bartender and in sales, he broke away from it, but he seems to attribute some of that to fortune.

Williams provides her own preface where she takes an ambivalent stance on current criticisms of “identity politics” as by Mark Lilla.  She also slams the personal attitude of many people toward other white working class people who do badly and wind up on opioids or run around with weapons.
There will be a full review on Wordpress soon.

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