Thursday, December 05, 2019

Peter Bergen has a new book: "Trump and his Generals: The Cost of Chaos", just as North Korea starts sabre-rattling again

Time Magazine has published a chapter of Peter Bergen’s news book “Trump and His Generals: The Cost of Chaos”, from Penguin Press (400 pages), available Dec. 10.
At best, it becomes erratic, unpredictable, volatile, without any quantum entanglement regulating it.
Vox has an interview by Alex Ward, “Trump once suggested that all of Seoul’s 10 million residents move to avoid North Korean threat”. It’s interesting that Steve Bannon even admits that there is no way the US can get away with attacking North Korea pre-emptively, and Trump’s statements in 2017 (“little rocket man” v. "dotard") were indeed asking for it. 
Mysteriously, things calmed down after the Winter Olympics in February 2018.
We saw the summits, and Trump buttering up Kim, and admitting at least once that he had to.
And now Kim threatens a “Christmas present” at the end of the year just as impeachment is probably brought against Trump (as Pelosi announced today and discussed on CNN this evening.)  More missile or nuclear tests, to say the least.  Activity at one of the North Korean missile sites reported on CNN this evening.
It’s truly shocking how dismissive he was at the beginning about Korea.  Oh, yes, he never served in the military.

Update: Dec. 10, 18

Trump called for evacuation of Seoul in early 2018, but Mattis simply ignored it (Guardian). Bergen discusses the Olympics on pp 214-215 as very important in changing Trump's mind (the book arrived today, Dec. 18). 

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