Monday, December 30, 2019

Quillette article maintains the Left wants to institutionalize mediocrity

Here is an important essay in Quillette by Adam Ellwanger, “Accessibility, Ableism, and the Decline of Excellence”. 
Adam discusses a software product called Accessibility Ally which professors are supposed to use to make their lesson plans more understandable to persons with physical or sometimes learning disabilities.   This may include obvious issues like color blindness (especially in men) to ADHD or dyslexia (which teenagers often outgrow during puberty however).

He then goes on to discuss the aims of the far Left concerning equity of outcomes instead of just equality of opportunity and concludes that the far Left wants.
The Left, he argues, wants to “institutionalize mediocrity” so people don’t “scope” one another any more for “desirability” and everyone is a comrade.  Then why care about your interactions with anyone?

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