Tuesday, December 17, 2019

"The Christian Withdrawal Experiment" in rural Kansas (Atlantic), recalls "The Ultimate Frontier", perhaps

Emma Green has an interesting article in “The Atlantic”, called "The Christian Withdrawal Experiment".
The story concerns an intentional community, this time conservative Catholic, at St. Mary’s Kansas, a bit east of Manhattan, Kansas (and Kansas State University).    Lawrence and KU are farther away. 

Somehow I’m reminded that in my draft of the unpublished 1969 novel “The Proles”, I had imagined a town called Atkins.
The community reminds me a bit of Amish values.  The people are heavily socialized in communal sharing, and women are expected to grow up to be either nuns or wives and mothers.
This is localism in the extreme.  The people say they are retreating from the culture wars rather than preparing to be “warriors”.
In Stelle, Illinois (back in 1970;  I visited it in 1982), associated with Richard Kinienger aja Ekial Kueshana (“The Ultimate Frontier”;  I read the paperback 40 years ago), women were not allowed to work.  The author had monthly meetings at a unitarian church in Dallas in the 1980s. 

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