Monday, December 02, 2019

Time: "How America's Elites Lost their Grip"

Here’s a guilty conscience, Time essay, “How America’s Elites Lost their Grip”, by Anand Giridharadas.
Tim Pool blew up at actor Mark Ruffalo on Twitter when Ruffalo railed against capitalism and linked to this story. “Prove you mean it” Pool ordered, as if Ruffalo were the rich young ruler in Matthew.
The article quotes the normally moderate Pete Buttigieg as decrying “neo-liberalism”.
Late in the article, Abnand admonishes me:  Remember, I don’t join “other people’s causes” very often or march in their demonstrations or protests.
“If there is one thing that could hasten the end of the age of capital and accelerate the coming of an age of reform, it is a vigorous new culture of joining in American life. Not clicking, not liking, not retweeting, not TikTokking, not screaming at MSNBC/Fox, but actually joining: political movements and civic organizations with memberships so vast that politicians cannot ignore them. The age of capital has been facilitated by a remarkable solidarity among the ultra-fortunate. Putting that period in the museum will take other, broader solidarities.

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