Monday, December 09, 2019

"Why Liberalism Failed", by Patrick Deneen, argues for localism

Joseph Hogan of The Nation interviews author Patrick Deneen, author of “Why Liberalism Failed”, Yale University Press, 2019, 264 pages.  The Nation article is “The Problems with Liberalism, a QA with Patrick Deneen”, a professor of political science at Notre Dame.

The gist of the Nation piece seems to be that Deneen believes liberalism allows over-individualistic but sometimes not really competitive young people to throw off the idea of any loyalty to the communities that they came from, with no real sense of purpose to replace it. 

He seems to be advocating a return to localism, where everyone is socialized in an immediate community physically and doesn’t expect to move out into the world without being effective within a natural family first.

This could easily slip into a ehtno-alt-right “blood and soil” if you aren’t careful.
Economic Invincibility has a video review of the book here (which is where I first heard about the book) and covers similar points.

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