Monday, January 20, 2020

Visit to an independent bookstore in exurban Maryland, Novel Books

Recently WJLA7 (Kevin Lewis) in Washington DC reported on an independent bookstore in the Piedmont, of upper Montgomery County, MD, Novel Books, in Clarkbsurg, in an older section of town.  

I recently visited it (Thursday, Jan. 16), and met the owner, whom the article mentions as having Parksinson’s Disease.

The store divided each bookstack between new (above) and used (below).

I bought two paperback fiction books, “Gone” (by Michael Grant,  2008, Harper Teen, 558 pages, a novel where all the grownups have disappeared leaving “the young people” who indeed must “win” (as David Hogg says).

The other book is “Pool Boys” by Erin Haft, set in a California country club with a newcomer (2006, Schoolastic, 201 pages. The members of the club have rules.
I have the first impression that survival of a bookstore like this (as explained in the article) would need someone from the surrounding community, which is changing rapidly, as do many exurbs, with new townhomes and a big outlet mall less than a mile away, on I-270 (unlike Reboboth, they do have to charge sales tax).

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