Saturday, February 15, 2020

Fiction author stranded on Diamond Princess sees some of her novel come to real life

Author Gay Courter, 75, an American novelist, is quarantined on the Diamond Princess (she and her husband might be among those evacuated), has the experience of seeing her novels come to real life.
Her novel in question is “The Girl in the Box”.  This incident will probably catch Hollywood's attention (or at least Netflix).  
Authors who dream up bizarre epidemics and Russian or Chinese plots may see their predictions play out in front of them, in horror, or perhaps they say “I told you so.”  There have to be some novel manuscripts around about manufacturing a SARS virus, it’s just too obvious.
There are cases where publishers actually worry that a fiction book could spur copycats or unstable heads of state.  Putin-ordered assassinations (or North Korean) in other countries – well, remember “The Interview”.
The novel seems to be self-published and is Volume 1 of theSeven Seas Series (Sept 2019). 
There was also a kidnapping of Colleen Stan in the 1950s that became an episode of a series called “Girl in the Box” 
My own novel “Angel’s Brother” imagines a mystery virus that affects mainly people with poor circulation or at high altitudes, but (with an unusual radioactive core) that can copy a person’s consciousness and deliver it back to a “superspreader” who remains healthy.  After infection, the older victim has hallucinations and sudden death (which may happen with reinfection by Covid-19). 
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