Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Time issue for Black History Month covers "Equality Now"

Time Magazine dedicates its March 2, 2020 to Black History March and “His Legacy” (Dr. Martin Luther King), “Equality Now”.

There are many articles, such as “Survival Mode” by Tressie McMillan Cottom, focusing on black workerd.

Annette Gordon-Reed discusses “Thomas Jefferson’s Revolutionary Words”.

Lawyer Bryan Stevenson, whom John Fish interviewed in another post on this blog, does a QA.
Anne Case and Angus Deaton discuss health care, “The Sickness of our System,”.

Anny Vesoulis in Charlotte discusses landlords who refuse to accept federal housing vouchers.

But most remarkably, the issue has “8 Radical Ideas for Equality Now”.  They include baby bonds (based on family income), no cash bail (which may be dangerous), universal basic income, bring back the draft (and include women – but ending Selective Service is likely to be debated soon), no electoral college, universal paid leave

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