Monday, February 24, 2020

Tracy Walder's "The Unexpected Spy": how an "average girl" became a covert CIA operative, out of college

Tracy Walder’s new autobiography, “The Unexpected Spy: From the CIA to the FBI, My Secret Life Taking down Some of the World’s Most Notorious Terrorists”, from St. Martin’s Press, will be offered Feb. 25, on Kindle and in hardcover, a bit pricey on Amazon.
The Spy Museum in Washington DC is holding an event Wednesday evening where the hardcover can be bought ($30).  
If I have the facts right, she teaches at the Hockaday preparatory school for girls in Dallas now.
DMagazine (Dallas) gives the details of her life (sometimes hiding in trunks) catching pretty much “conventional” terrorists overseas here but it sounds like she had to go along with the fib that Saddam Hussein was connected to WMD’s when he wasn’t (for the most part).  She started work one day before 9/11.  

Update: Feb. 26.  I was at the booksigning tonight.  More on Wordpress tomorrow. 

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