Saturday, March 21, 2020

How do independent bookstores survive coronavirus? Could Booktube help?

Bookbub has an important article on how independent bookstores deal with the Covid19 crisis. 

A bookstore in Brooklyn NY offers free delivery online, and a cookbook author delivers her own craft on a bike in Greenwich Village.

Of course the spoiler question would be, why not just order from Amazon or BN (and most books are there) or download to a Kindle (the fastest).

One idea that comes to mind is to wonder whether  Booktube conferences could be done online with participants meeting from home.  Booktube is a collection of “You Tune Original” channels (somewhat curated by YouTube as credible) of people who make videos about important new books, and it can be a way to have an online booksigning party.  On Feb 7 I included a video where John Fish (Canada) and others interview Bryan Stevenson.  Maybe we could set up more events like these strictly online, even internationally.

Picture: Roscicrucian books 

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