Sunday, April 26, 2020

"" fills in as Amazon's book business apparently slows down competing with medical items; a new lift for independent sellers?

The Washington Post, in an article by Sindya N. Bhanoo, explores “The little book sellers who could; How indie stores took a slice ofAmazon’s business,” in the Sunday business section, of course.
The story concerns Bookshop, which is now shipping books and benefiting from the disruption of Amazon, which is slower to ship them because of having to ship so many COVID-related items.

I found only the first of my three books on their catalog, at list price.  I find them all on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million. (The original 1997 print run is not available, it sold out in 2000; I have a few of them at home.)

Amazon is encouraging Kindle right now because the shipping business is overwhelmed by items from the pandemic (like masks).  Also, I’m starting to notice more authors are starting to sell PDF’s themselves with a PGP third party credit card engine.

In the video (“A People’s Guide to Publishing”, from Portland OR), the commentators criticize the publishing industry for not trying hard enough in marketing.

I have thought about Booktube (in January John Fish did a big video with them).  Coronavirus has certainly gotten in the way of starting things.

Update: April 27

Publisher's Weekly has an article with some constructive criticism of Bookshop by Alex Green.

PW (Ed Nowatka) also describes a campaign by James Patterson to raise money for independent bookstores. Other sources credit Bookshop with actually helping with the fundraising. 

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