Monday, April 20, 2020

Time Magazine issue cheerleads for social solidarity during pandemic

Time Magazine has a cheerleader issue April 5-13, “Apart, Not Alone”.

There are so many articles, and the one that strikes first is Jose Andre’s generosity with his restaurant business feeding people all over the world. (He has a restaurant in Crystal City).

Ian Bremmer takes to task the blame-China game (p. 25).

The feature article is “The Storm Crashes In: How the Covid-19 Pandemic Is Changing American Life.”

P. 32, “I’m mentally and physically exhausted”, health care workers.
The other big one is “The Online Learning Divide”, on p 40, with kids with no broadband at home sent home for online learning.

There’s an article about remote work from home, with an office filled with holograms of people.

There’s a detailed report about Americans caught in Venezuela.
But Connie Schultz espouses, “We’ve always needed one another”.  I;ve never felt that way personally, I am pretty much off to the side, like an alien.

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