Saturday, April 11, 2020

Yup, Amazon considers more books objectionable to sell now than it used to

Reader’s Digest, some time back, listed the things you can’t buy on Amazon.  It makes sense that they won’t sell weapons, tobacco, lottery tickets, weed, etc, things socially questionable (in the minds of many people).

What’s interesting now is that Smart News, today on my phone (and I can’t find the story now) noted that Amazon won’t sell some books based on fascist or racist ideology, or anti-LGBT books (as well as books that promote pedophilia, which has been covered here before).

Particularly they removed Joseph Nicolosi (book I reviewed in Jan 2009 here).

They carry only German-language versions of “Mein Kampf” and removed some Nazi propaganda books.

But they do carry Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto (with Engels)So f from Chiron’s Academic Press. I will decline to carry the Amazon ad for it (if there is one).  No, I don't expect them to carry angry rant-like manifestos like Rodger's or Christchurch. 
So far I haven’t seen Amazon remove books for slow or no sales, but I can imagine ideological reasons to do so, given today’s polarizations.

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