Monday, May 04, 2020

Written in public health isolation: "5 Reasons I Love Being a Literary Agent"

I thought I would show a video from a literary agent made during the coronavirus lockdown.
Here, Jessica Faust from BookEnds gives “5 Reasons I Love Being a Literary Agent”.
The website says she comes from Minnesota and lives and works in New Jersey now, presumably in the northern suburbs.
She compares the work of being an agent to working for a publisher, where you get to work with only one genre (like maybe romance, if fiction, or health, if non-fiction).  She can work on any genre she wants.
I will have to give some aspects of my own novel manuscript some serious consideration soon (a separate Wordpress blog post coming) as to some aspect.  First, there is a fictitious virus, which ironically does many of the same things the novel coronavirus does.  Sci-fi authors can be prescient as to what could really happen (and maybe this is dangerous?)  But I did not envision the long-lived lockdowns all over the world (I did not think about “Contagion” [Cf blog 2011/9/8] that much, and was more interested in covert, little noticed spread), and right now I have major characters flying around (even internationally) more than might sound credible.  I’ll have something to say about that soon.
Picture: Historic house (Edison?) in Caldwell NJ on Bloomfield Ave.  I lived on Espy Road in apts from 1972-1073.  

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