Monday, July 06, 2020

Should books by "problematic" authors be read and reviewed?

“Reading Books by Problematic Authors”, by the Artisan Geek.

Well, she really means to include “reviewing books” too.

As for authors with (today) unacceptable views, she thinks makes a material difference whether the author is still alive or is deceased, even long deceased.  She seems to give some heed to cancel culture, which almost any sin can trigger.  She mentions HO Lovecraft (horror) as an example, with his apparent racism.

If the author is still with us, then there is a question of their social creditworthiness, "the privilege of being listened to." 

She also considers whether the author committed an major crimes, or whether the behavior was criminal during their lifetime.  She mentions Lewis Carroll and notes that interest in underage girls was more acceptable (ironically) in Victorian England than it is today.

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