Friday, August 14, 2020

3-D Book: "Lest We Forget: The Passage from Africa to Slavery and Emancipation"


Author: Velma Maia Thomas

Title, subtitle: “Lest We Forget: The Passage from Africa to Slavery and Emancipation

Publication: Crown: New York, 1997, 32 pages, “a three-dimensional interactive book with photographs and documents from the Black Holocaust Exhibit”, ISBN 0-609-60030-3, 12 stories

The book has pullouts of envelopes with letters and sample contracts and one map.

The work describes what life was life for slaves on a daily basis, when in transport (from Africa), when auctioned, when children were being broken in to work, and when trying to escape. Being auctioned was particularly dreadful, as families were broken up.  The book ends with a piece about the Emancipation Proclamation.

It’s hard to imagine how men could even have families knowing what would happen.

I see that Amazon Associates lists the book for about $39, but on Amazon itself I had to pay $92.  Not sure what is happening.

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