Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Washington Post: 2 booklets, on (1) how we can use coronavirus genetic code changes for contact tracing (2) the risks taken by workers for all of us


The Washington Post has a major booklet-like insert today, “Scientists have a powerful tool for controlling the coronavirus: Its own genetic code”. 

Partly illustrated like a comic book (in “ScienceVille”), it then goes into how you can compare mini-mutations within patients to trace spread.

For example, if different people who test positive in a school have different strains, the spread was not within the school, and you don’t have to close the school.

There is a comment by Oppenheimer48 that seems serious for considering the Moderna vaccine.  He says “spike protein is uniquely dangerous … coronavirus passed blood brain barrier and antibodies (are) formed that cross react with myelin protein” causing MS and spinal paralysis. He asks where lipid-coated mRNA goes.

Ironically, Avi Schiffmann’s short film “The Central Dogma of Biology” from June 2019, reviewed July 1, 2020 on the Movies blog here, seems to touch on that point at the end.

The article links to two others stories, about an outbreak in a meatpacking plant, and about spread from the Boston Biogen conference in February.

I’m going to also list here another booklet in the WPost, “24 Hours in the Lives of American Workers” on the risks they have to today.

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