Thursday, October 22, 2020

WSJ: "In Xi Jingping's China, Nationalism Takes a Dark Turn": so does a formal social credit system

China Senate House

 Chao Ding and Liza Lin have a booklet-length illustrated article in the Wall Street Journal, “In Xi Jingping’s China, NationalismTakes a Dark Turn”.  The article links in turn to a Jonathan Cheng article, “China’s Economy Is Bouncing Back – and Gaining Ground on the U.S,”

The main article develops the idea of a unary state loyalty to the nation, on top of statist capitalism, that sounds like an admixture of communism and soft fascism.  And, knowing the treatment of the Ugyhur Muslims, it is racist.

China does have a definite “social contract” policy for individuals expressed through its social credit system (still evolving) and suppression dissent, because it believes that unearned fame and wealth will erase the best motives for people to behave.

And it appears that China’s authoritarian handling of the pandemic did squelsh it – but we aren’t sure about whether there are hidden outbreaks, or whether their vaccine (which they have given to their military) really works.  China can claim that its communitarian ideology is superior to the West in responding challenges from the natural world requiring citizens to deal with hardship and sacrifice equitably.

At the very least, since China’s delay in admitting the problem in early January led to such a catastrophe for the rest of the world, they should be lending their knowledge of vaccines and medications that actually have worked.

The father and son Barrett Channel keeps giving a glowing report of life in China for people who behave.

Picture: The Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution.

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