Monday, November 16, 2020

Long NYTimes piece, "I'm an E.R. Doctor in New York, None of Us Will Ever Be the Same"


Here’s another New York Times almost “oculus-like” booklet, from April 14, “I’m an E.R. Doctor in New York, None of Us Will Ever Be the Same”, subtitled, “A Covid Diary: This is what I saw as the pandemic engulfed our hospitals.”  It’s ironic, I saw this article the day before Moderna’s announcement.  The article is by Helen Ouyang, April 14, 2020.

This was a doctor from Pakistan, who made a stop in Italy, and gave an account of the sudden horror in Bergamo around the first of March. In New York, he watched the patients accumulated quickly in mid March.

It’s hard to imagine people able to breathe normally in line to get into an emergency room.

It’s even harder when your own friends, in Zoom meetings, seem not to have gotten it, or a few report very mild symptoms that resolved quickly. 

The virus seems to target people who live in large households with continual exposure, with jobs requiring them to be in contact with the public, or with poor health or unfortunate genetics   Native Americans seem to be particularly vulnerable. 

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