Sunday, November 29, 2020

New Yorker column: "How China controlled the coronavirus" by Peter Hessler -- it was very draconian

Sichuan Library

The New Yorker has a long article in the Aug 17 2020 issue in its “Reporter at Large” column, “How China controlled the coronavirus” with the subtitle “Teaching and learning in Sichuan during the pandemic”, by Peter Hessler, who was teaching in China, in Chengdu during the early days of the pandemic. 

He does report the severity of the lockdowns, which could be enforced by committees that regulate the lives of individuals and families in a communal fashion not done in western countries.  Sometimes families were locked into their apartments.  Hessler's account leaves the impression that China really has controlled the virus, and won a propaganda victory in the world for the disciplines imposed by communism. 

You get the impression that China and other oriental countries are much more demanding of citizens with regard to public health because they have more endemic infectious disease, partly because of their longstanding agricultural practices to reduce past famines.

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