Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Wired story liked by Snowden about Operation Car Wash

Rio De Janeiro - Rafael Defavari


Darren Lucaides offers a booklet-length story in Wired, “The Scammer Who Wanted to Save His Country”, a story that Edward Snowden likes.

In 2019, Glenn Greenwald was contacted with a trove of hacked messages about corruption among Brazil’s leaders in thwarting left-wing parties before an election.  They suspected the Russians.  “The truth was much less boring”.

Much of the chicanery involved Telegram and processes that many “average users”, even corporate ones, probably don’t involve themselves in.  The operation is described in Wikipedia as Operation Car Wash Telegram chat leaks in Brazil.”  A lot more sophisticated than a Zoom meeting. Greenwald had reported this in the Intercept in 2019. 

Greenwald appears in the Laura Poitras film “CitizenFour” (Movies, Oct. 27, 2014).  He is well known for his same-sex marriage in Brazil.

The article has a paywall, and my browser didn’t remember the sign on (or the pw expired).  Wired sent me a special link, which is a strange way to do it.

Wikipedia embed of Rio, click for attribution 

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