Saturday, December 19, 2020

"How to Publish a Book on Amazon" as explained by Martin Goldberg


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Martin Goldberg (aka Economic Invincibility, see Dec 10 post) has an interesting video on how to self-publish on Amazon (“How to Publish a Book on Amazon”).  He is mostly interested in Kindle Direct Publishing, which incorporates what we used to call Create Space.

The process seems to be quite a bit simpler than going through an Author Solutions company like iUniverse or Xlibris. 

Martin likes to write out his text longhand before typing.  In this case, there is no separate typesetting, it appears.  Microsoft Word is used essentially for the typesetting.

I would recommend at least using Microsoft Publisher for typesetting.  Right-aligning the columns makes a book look more professional (you can do that in Word, but it is not as good.)  Also, you can get a product called Grammarly to help edit. 

You definitely need to have another pair of eyes copyedit your book.  Typically, for a 100,000 word book expect that to cost around $500.  Amazon eliminated its own editorial support (which was located in South Carolina) in early 2019, as I recall.

I do wonder if terms of service or subject matter issues could become more sensitive for Amazon in the future, given our polarized and relentless socially divided climate.

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