Saturday, December 26, 2020

Phishing emails target author novel drafts and even screenplay scripts or treatments


The Angelino Hotel on the 405

Well, authors’ book manuscripts have been stolen by phishing, mainly from well-known fiction or other popular writers with longer series, through email, Elizabeth A. Harris and Nicole Perlroth write in the New York Times.

This has also happened with screenplays, in popular franchises or when there is controversy already.

Generally, publishers (and agents)  will communicate with authors through secured emails, with DocuSign, much like financial institutions. 

 Something I have talked about on the movies blog, I think, for scripts: Generally, you have to go through a third party agent to talk to an established studio or production company.  (Now you know what Wilshire Blvd is for.)

west hollywood

  The Internet may have loosened that up on the lower budget end. 

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