Friday, December 11, 2020

Washington Post booklet story about a laid-off Walt Disney World cast member


near Epcot, Orlando, 2015

The Washington Post Magazine has a feature-length story today, heavily illustrated with photographs, “I Didn’t Make It”, about a Disney World waitress, called a “cast member”, who had worked there for fourteen years.  She had emigrated from Brazil in 2006. She has two daughters, one of whom is autistic.

The layoffs came in late October with “Dear Cast Member” letters.

The article is by Greg Jaffe, photos by Eve Edelheit, videos by Drea Cornejo.

The severity of Florida’s second wave, when people went indoors for air conditioning, and now the third wave, have apparently led the layoffs to be permanent.

Yet, in six months or so, business might be close to normal again if the vaccination program works.

Toward the end of the enclosed video the woman says she always knew she was in a very privileged position for a very special company.

The article did not link to a personal fundraising page.

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