Saturday, January 02, 2021

The Atlantic offers "The Pandemic Endgame"

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The January-February 2021 issue of The Atlantic offers a cover story “The Pandemic Endgame”, with two essays.

On p. 38, Jordan Kisner describes “The Committee in Life and Death”.  He draws a parallel between triage when patients pile up in hospitals (now in California) and decisions as to who should get the vaccine first.

Seriously, I understand that vaccinating long-term care residents first will cut the hospitalizations and deaths more rapidly and help flatten the curve again.  But there may be more social justice in vaccinating essential workers who must interact with consumers, especially those who must enter homes and apartments to do emergency repairs.  They should be near the top of the list, as well as first responders.

On p. 48m Ed Yong describes “The COVID-19 Manhattan Project” with the record speed development of vaccines.  The mRNA paradigm helps for rapid development, but all but two of the vaccines are conventional. 

 Embed of chart showing how mRNA vaccines work, from Wikipedia, click for attribution 

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