Friday, February 12, 2021

A top-of-the-line podcast (with transcript) on self-publishing for new authors, especially with fiction


Near Frederick MD

“AskAlli has a valuable Advice  podcast and transcript for “self-publishing advice,” 

The speakers are Oma Ross and Michael LaRonn.

They talk about author websites, and their embedded blogs, which they say are more obviously appropriate for non-fiction and for fiction, where you might have little to say about the novel itself regularly.  They like Wordpress, and they are not decisive about whether you should use a package.

They talk about liability insurance, which they say would be unusual for fiction (but conceivable if you based the novel and real people and didn’t obscure things).  Generally, you won’t be able to get media perils very easily anyway, and it isn’t clear that it would cover much (whether regular torts like libel, or even copyright or trademark infringement, a troubling possibility from trolls, like with the CASE Act (copyright). Yet large media companies have the insurance, and it is arguable (as was suggested in 2008 before the financial crisis) to propose requiring it for authors (who usually do have to indemnify their publishers, but this is self-publishing).  They also warn that you could have to be concerned about safety liability if you hold events after the pandemic winds down.

They also talk about business organization, including proprietorship and LLC.  You may have to watch zoning laws in your locality or bylaws if you are in a condo or HOA. 

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