Monday, February 22, 2021

Amazon apparently removes a book critical of "transgender ideology", but you can tell where the author is coming from


World Pride, NYC, 2019

The Epoch Times (whatever its supposed connections to China and the CCP’s agenda, publishing a conservative newspaper) reports that Amazon has “quietly” removed a high-profile book “criticizing transgender ideology”.

In 2018, Matthew J. Franck had written the book review, “Pressing Pause on the ‘Transgender Moment’”: Ryan T. Anderson’s “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment” (Encounter Books). If you press the link on Amazon, you get a “sorry, couldn’t find that page”.

I sometimes get offers of samples of children’s books that seem to promote transgenderism in minors, and I have let them pass.  In real life, I don’t know any cases of puberty blockers or surgery in younger minors, middle school, etc.  This does not sound like something that happens a lot.  When there is a genuine physical medical reason, that may well be a different matter.  But it is relatively uncommon.

There isn’t much video from the author on YouTube;  if you look, you see where he is coming from.

But I am not one for saying everyone has to declare their pronouns, or use “their” when you really know the person is a he or she.

  Update: March 2:  Amazon has quietly published content guidelines that mention "hate speech".  The Epoch Times (paywall now) and Free Beacon Times have published stories about this development.  (There is a newer discussion here of this matter July 26, 2021). 

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