Tuesday, February 09, 2021

"How the Coronavirus Tore Through D.C., Maryland and Virginia", Washington Post online booklet


Virginia Hospital Center, Arlington

Rebecca Tan. Antonio Olivo, and John D. Harden offer a horrifying booklet in the Washington Post, “How the Coronavirus tore throughD.C., Maryland, and Virginia."

In the DMV, “900000 infected, 15000 dead”.

The first positive case in the District of Columbia was announced by Mayor Bowser on Saturday, Feb. 29.

There were no cases in Virginia until early March.

But whole families started getting infected, sometimes with serious results, and by the end of March lower income people in larger households, who could not isolate, were starting to get it.

It would spread among different demographics with the reopenings.  In the fall, it would be college students spreading it home.

Families would have little gatherings, and everyone would get sick in a few days.

Among younger adults, or even older adults living alone with lower exposures, actual illness would be much less common.  But in some families, many would be come very ill and would have deaths, sometimes after a prolonged time on ventilators. Some adults would have to go to skilled nursing facilities to learn to walk again after “recovery”.

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