Thursday, February 04, 2021

"Inside the Battle for Fulton County's Votes", from Atlanta Magazine and WABE-NPR

Philips Arena

Johnny Kaufmann has an article for Atlanta Magazine and station WABE (“where Atlanta meets NPR”), “Inside the Battle for Fulton County’s Votes”, which you can read (long), or listen to as a podcast (30 minutes).

Many of the complications resulted from a plumbing failure in the State Farm Arena where the Fulton County ballot processing took place. It’s ironic because the facility sat vacant after March 11, 2020, the day the world ended, on a day that the Atlanta Hawks lost a basketball game to the New York Knicks, and then all major league sports shut down as players started testing positive.  The failure occurred as a result of excess unrelieved water pressure in an unused, unentered men’s bathroom, overflowing the urinals.

The article discusses some specific personnel, the difficulties they faced, and the indignation from Trumplikins when Georgia went for Biden (even before, while they counted) and then when the runoffs went for the Democrats, too.

I worked a 16 hour day in the Virginia primary March 3, but the county decided that those over 70 need not work the election.

Voting in a pandemic did provide a tremendous challenge.

Picture: Atlanta State Farm Arena, p.d., embed from Wikipedia, click for attribution 

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