Friday, February 26, 2021

NYTimes et al: "The Coronavirus Is Threatening a Comeback"


NYCity from Freedom Tower 

I’ll call Apoorva Mandavilli’s long piece in the New York Times today a “booklet”, The Coronavirus Is Threatening a Comeback: Here’s How to Stop It.”

She believes we have a false sense of security from the recent drops, which is leveling off this week, after last week’s horrible weather in the Midwest and Texas.  The drop in death rates and ICU is partly attributable to vaccinating people in care facilities.

But young adults have not been vaccinated yet.  Essential workers will help.  People in large households will help.  Young adults living alone (this seems like gay men especially) as adults have, ironically, very little disease right now, given the past.

We should be concerned that the variants may be more aggressive with young adults (as there are sporadic horror stories in the media, but they don’t hit close to home yet).

We should also be very concerned if the virus keeps on becoming more evasive and aggressive, despite our previous expectations.

She does talk a lot about behavioral change, and perhaps personal social values changes.

The Zeynep Tufecki tells us in The Atlantic, “5 PandemicMistakes We Keep on Repeating”.  They have to do with engaging risk, evenhandedly.

One question that sounds critical:  with the new variants retain their high dispersion, with most spread in super-spreader events?  Or could surfaces and even personal hygiene turn out to become more important than they have so far?

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