Thursday, March 04, 2021

Jack Edwards: "A day in the life of a book research assistant" with a major trade publishing house

British recruits August 1914 Q53234


Perpetual student in the UK Jack Edwards entertains us with “A day in the life of a book research assistant: Work in publishing”.

I didn’t know large trade publishers assign research assistants (who are contractors) to assist authors in getting together all the research material, to target potential audiences and bookstore marketing.

During London’s second big lockdown over the new variant, he works at home in an immaculate flat (you have to have a clutterless space, and I am too old school), and he gives us a desk tour.

He also pitches a book he is reading, a self-help book, “Think Like a Monk”, by Jack Shetty (Sept 2020, Simon $ Schuster), Google books link for preview.

Wikipedia embed picture: British recruits during WW1, p.d., Wikipedia embed, click for attribution.

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