Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Is "self-help" more helpful to readers than fiction? A better investment of effort for authors? (Or vice-versa)


clearing after storm

Alice Cappelle gives her impressions on whether self-help books are a better use of a reader’s time than fiction.

The same question could be inverted and asked of authors. This even affects how authors treat social issues (especially "intersectional") in non-fiction.  Handbooks seem to meet readers "where they are" if they need to be "won over", in comparison to fiction, analysis, or (auto)biography. 

In general, she chooses fiction.  Stories can give us a lot more to work with in the transitions and philosophical conflict challenges people face (especially during political polarization).

Tyler Mowery and John Fish, in their video channels, have expressed similar ideas about the importance of stories.

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