Monday, May 24, 2021

New York Times uses "3-D staging" to present the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921; also, looting of small businesses by leftist extremists in Chicago



The New York Times has a special “3-D” article (“Interactive Race Massacre Article" where you can tour the Greenwood section of Tulsa, OK just before the May 30, 1921 white-committed massacre of the “Black Wall Street”, article and 3-D art work by Yuliya Parshina-Kottas, Anjali Singhvi, Audra D.S. Burch, Troy Griggs, Mika Gröndahl, Lingdong Huang, Tim Wallace, Jeremy White and Josh Williams

The 3-D technique would appear to be useful in stage presentations of historical events.

The article describes the callousness of the attacks, which came from the air also, and the refusal of insurance to cover the losses.

The picture above is a Wikipedia embed of the actual fire, click for attribution. 

Chicago 1940 

I also wanted to share a Chicago Sun Times piece by Manny Ramos, “Small businesses hit by looting reflect on night chaos;  It was kind of like ‘The Purge’”.  This is the story of the losses and rebuilding by Tess Porter, who owns a style shop emphasizing black fashion in Chicago. .

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