Monday, May 10, 2021

"The Making of a Myth": Washington Post booklet on how a Texas security company paved the way to January 6


Landing at DFW 2018 

Emma Brown, Aaron C. Davis, Jon Swaine and Josh Dawsey provide a little booklet, “The Making of a Myth”, in the Washington Post May 9 (paywall).

This is a narrative of Russell J. Ramsland, Jr., who started his campaign in 2018 in a closed hangar in Addison, TX (near Dallas), in a windowless place where everyone turned in their cell phones first.

The article becomes a saga about Ramsland’s company, the Allied Security Operations Group, became a focal point on providing a want:  showing election fraud favoring Democrats existed when it probably did not.   The article maintains that this effort, with all the crazy litigation around “stop the steal” and the countersuits by Dominion Voting Systems, wound up driving the mob to the Capitol on January 6.

 There is interesting exposition on how, after the 2000 election and chad fiasco in Florida, there was great emphasis on automating machine counting, and I worked with those machines (on Windows XP) when I worked as an election officer a few times in the 2000's in Virginia.  Sometimes they could stall and have to be rebooted. 

I’ve embedded a video from Fox News with Lou Dobbs (who used to do Moneyline on CNN) from Nov. 17, 2020 and will remind the reader that there are “countervailing views” – Joe Biden is the president. 

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