Saturday, October 30, 2021

Matt Ridley previews his own book "Viral" in Daily Mail, and indicts China (no surprise)

Wuhan Institute of Virology main entrance


Matt Ridley reviews a book for the UK Daily Mail, well his own book, written with Alina Chan, ti be available Nov. 16, titled simply “Viral: The Search for the Origin of COVID-19”,  Harper, 416 pages.

The summary covers familiar points in the coincidences of the events in Wuhan in the latter parts of 2019.  It maintains that scientists from Wuhan made multiple visits to the bat caves in SW China and even maybe Laos over the years, including the Majoing Mine.  It would Have been easy to have accidental infection, which might have been mild at first in most people.  

Picture: Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution  

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