Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"What Is Critical Race Theory? "- guide with links on Wired


alabama, 2014-5

Christina Wyman has a useful guide, “What Is Critical Race Theory? Start Here”, on Wired (Conde-Nast, paywall). 

She characterizes it as a way of investigating the current disparities in wealth and living standards when summarized by race, especially for black, Latino and indigenous people, in proportion to population, even allowing major advances by racial minorities as individuals since the mid 1960s.

By itself, it is not a system if inclusion or indoctrination of students or workers.

The article give important links, like to Education Week and to School of Art Institute of Chicago.

Still the article ends with “opportunities for activism” and mention of Kendi’s idea of implored support for anti-racism at a personal level as a criterion for participation in public life. Neutral behavior at an individual level tends to draw out inequities.

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