Sunday, November 14, 2021

Jocelyn Nicole Johnson, "My Monticello", novella accepted by Netflix



Isaac FirzGerald offers a detailed preview (NYTimes) of the book “My Monticello”, by Jocelyn Nicole Johnson, in a Times series “It’s Never too Late”.

The book comprises a novella (same title) and six short stories. This is an interesting format for a book.  I did something similar mixing non-fiction and fiction as two parts (3 short stories of my own) with my DADT III book in 2014. 

There is a Netflix deal for the novella, which stages a white supremacist local coup and where people of color take refuge in Jefferson’s homestead, set in a perhaps dystopian near future (if Trump gets back in?)

One short story is called “Control Negro”, published here. 

Amazon link.

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