Monday, November 01, 2021

"The Attack": Washington Post online booklet on January 6: Before, During, After -- and "The 187 Minutes"

DC Capitol Storming IMG 7957


The Washington Post offers an online booklet about the January 6, 2021 “Insurrection”, called “The Attack”, divided into three parts: (1) “Before” – Red Flags; (2) “During” – Bloodshed, and (3) “After” – Contagion.   This attack was like a pawn storm in a chess game, not a sacrificial piece attack. .

There are lots of details and illustrations.

The Post’s major conclusions are that preparation was woefully inadequate, as wells the law enforcement response, because of White House interference. 187 minutes passed after the first breach of the Capitol before Trump “intervened”.  Also, there was some early outside violence that I don’t recall seeing reported on YT channels like News2share.

The pressure on Pence to deny Electoral college certification and to turn over the process to state legislatures was shocking.

The GOP largely continues its fealty to Trump, insisting on “stop the steal” claims that do seem baseless, even given my own experience working in elections (in Va.) where I know election officers must follow procedure exactly and have no discretion of their own.

I actually got a request (Dec. 20)  from a FB friend in Nevada to help house protesters, and was shocked that anyone had interpreted my own online content that way.

Wikipedia embed of storming the Capitol, click for attribution.

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